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Hire Wait Staff for Wedding

- Tuesday, February 05, 2013

As you're putting together your wedding, you've realised you need a professional presence to ensure important tasks such as serving guests beverages, serving and clearing tables, preparing and roving finger food, and most importantly, event cleanliness, are taken care of. You need to hire wait staff for wedding...

Every weekend across Melbourne, brides and wedding planners are assessing options to either create an extravagant gala, maybe in the bush, a hired venue, or even their backyard, or maybe a low-key wedding to which the service of wedding waiters for hire makes a perfect alternative to "auntie's help" in the kitchen. If it is the latter, auntie, sister-in-law, best friends and bridesmaids may say they're happy to cook and serve on the day, but we can assure you that when it comes to ensuring drinks are cold, people are fed, and glasses are topped up, they have been known to go missing! Not to mention when it comes time to cleaning up dinner!!

Hiring professional waiters for your wedding keeps catering costs down, with our wait staff trained in food prep and service. If it's a VIP event you're looking to bring together, again, the hire wait staff for your wedding are accustomed to corporate and private event life all over Melbourne, and bring years of experience to an event that perhaps will require the presence of someone in a supervisory role.

We have looked after backyard weddings, marquees, 'off-the-grid' special sites and VIP galas with our wedding wait staff. Phone us for a quote and more information specific to your plans.   

A new dimension in event and wedding planning

- Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waiters for hire offer a fantastic alternative and flexibility to any event where a venue, reception centre or restaurant service team is absent.

Often your client's 'dream' wedding is in a field, on the beach, on a farm, or somewhere else remote amongst our great Australian landscape. There are many beautifully restored mansions, ranches and guesthouses available for hire over the weekend that make perfect 'dream' venues. What's the first hurdle you strike when planning a wedding on a property such as these? The marquee hire is no problem. The caterer can make do with portable equipment. Alcohol, table settings and flowers are all taken care of. What is missing is the presence of a strong, organised restaurant or dining room manager to ensure the reception is properly run, and an experienced, skilled wait staff team to carry out the most important service of the bride & groom's lives.

This is where a wait staff hire service obviously makes the difference. The Boyd Baker House just outside Melbourne is a prime example. It's a romantic, rustic ranch where up to 200 guests can enjoy the privacy and isolation of the Victorian bush to conduct their ultimate wedding and party. We recently sent a team of 7 service professionals, including 2 event supervisors, to organise and perform a restaurant-style service in conjunction with three gifted Melbourne Caterers chosen by the bride. Including all bar and dining set ups, our team was able to transform a relaxed marquee bush setting in to a professional, fully functional a la carte reception centre.

Recently speaking to some Melbourne based wedding planners before wedding season 'hits', we have learnt that a reliable and experienced service such as ours is highly sought after, and we're telling all wedding and event planners that we're here to make these events smooth, professional, memorable affairs. Your clients are the happiest of all: they complete their 'dream'.


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