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Staffing Consistency Solution- Venues for Hire

- Monday, November 25, 2013

This time of year the remnants of different caterers, wait staff agencies and event companies lie in the most obvious (and some a little less) of places around venues and event spaces for hire. Running sheets pinned or taped to kitchen walls. Copies of timesheets and menus strategically supported between boxes, utensils or glasswear. Cutlery and crockery mixed up, unpolished, in empty or overflowing cupboards that weren't full yesterday. More concerning, invoices or detailed quotes making up part of an event file.

Venue owners and managers have it tough enough keeping up with multiple events, cleaning, bump-ins and outs, especially this time of year. If there is pool of caterers coming and going with their own wait staff, equipment and paperwork, maybe it's time to consider hiring out the venue with a wait staff team and event supervisor as part of the package. A more and more popular decision with venues around the city, the option is popular for 2 main reasons- consistency and revenue. More specifically:

  • time poor venue managers have the support of a dedicated supervisor, ready to open, close or turn-over the space to your exact preference.
  • to share and teach the layout of the venue and operations to ensure all equipment is maintained and replaced exactly where it belongs.
  • to stop answering the same questions day after day for casual front of house staff- "where is the...?" "where do these go?" "what needs to be done before we leave?", etc.
  • to advertise a formal wait staff service as a value-add to clients, and instant revenue stream to the business. Most caterers charge around $45-50 p/hr for wait staff, invoicing over $500 for every 50 guests. Our client's average profit using this approach is 30% of generated revenue.
  • access to a dedicated pool purely on demand- no events? no staff costs.
With the support of the right agency, this is a win-win situation. Improved service to clients, venue standards upheld, more time for venue management to concentrate on growing and managing their business, and profit that may never have been considered. Certainly enough for the holiday most are counting down to in January!  

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Catering Staff Hire Melbourne- Lending a Hand

- Thursday, December 27, 2012

Catering staff hire, a bit different to wait staff hire, is usually a task requiring a food-savvy waiter or kitchen hand to assist with heating canapes, plating dishes, assisting a senior chef or cook with basic tasks, or serving guests from a buffet or station, such as a BBQ or breakfast buffet.

It requires a bit of a hospitality 'all-rounder'- someone capable of interacting with guests, but at the same time able to undertake most kitchen duties as required by a line cook or mid-level chef. No menu planning or serious techniques, but catering staff for hire may be required to prepare meat or vegetables, cook a BBQ or grill, plate canapes after heating, and probably assist with event tidiness and kitchen cleaning.

They will also be expected to handle normal wait staff hire duties, ensuring guests are enjoying themselves, and that food and beverages items are being circulated properly. But where to find them?! It is definitely a word of mouth position, and if your business is able to source such useful and versatile staff, they are worth paying well and treating well. They can get you out of many sticky situations, cover for a chef or a bartender, and probably have the experience or skills to supervise an event, or at the least, be a key link between front and back of house because of their varied experience.

If you have further questions regarding catering staff hire, or wish to hire catering staff Melbourne please follow our links or simply click contact us above. We'd love to hear from you!

Dinner's at Your Place

- Sunday, December 23, 2012

Numerous personal customers have by no means utilized the solutions of a private caterer in Melbourne, and aren't certain what they'll experience. Even though a private caterer will do their very best to anticipate concerns in preparing and service delivery throughout the occasion, a short run down of how the occasion might play out is usually good to read. In order for the host to appreciate their evening as a lot as their guests, it is very best that they take a back-seat ride from early within the day. In case your guests are arriving from say 5pm (as utilized in this instance), assume you are going out for dinner, and get prepared at what ever time you generally would. Ladies, 12 noon, blokes ten to 5- yes??

Home catering Melbourne isn't a typical occurrence for a lot of individuals, however it does have strong client base. When carried out correctly, the outcome is X-times various than a fancy restaurant or busy bistro. Not much better in any 1 region, like food, service, wine or ambiance (even though it might be), but various. The atmosphere is much more relaxed, and also the guests are nonetheless yours for the evening, but every thing else is as much as the house caterer. Guests nonetheless really feel as if you have been the 1 searching following them. Like you are the cause their evening has been so enjoyable (which it's because you are paying the bill), however the feeling for you personally as a host continues to be a bit various!

You are able to anticipate your chef to arrive about two hours prior to guest arrival, so within this situation, about 3pm. For this instance, let's also assume you are getting a seated dinner for 20 close buddies. 1 chef might suffice for all prepping, cooking and plating, or they might use the help of a Sous chef, or perhaps a senior waiter based on the menu. Unpacking the refrigerated van, the chef will go about their company utilizing their very own knives, boards and pots, and might contact in your reserve of trays, bowls and spoons. Obviously, the washing up is component of their job keep in mind!

Arriving shortly following, your waiter (or most likely two) will arrive to start setting your table and bar locations. It is most likely been discussed within the preparing phase, however they might be utilizing your plates and cutlery, or some thing that is been hired in your behalf. Either way, correct crockery, glasswear and back-up provide has been arranged by four.30pm, and also the Champagne is chilling as you place the final touches in your outfit.

As your guests are greeted using the cocktail or beverage they want, you most likely mingle for an hour so following 5pm, enjoying canapes within the garden, foyer, or ideally from the pool. Entree is almost complete and awaiting garnish and final seasoning, and is served promptly following your guests are seated and poured your wine out of your cellar. Wait employees will probably be all more than this- it is among the important elements in service. You are able to loosen up understanding that all the time, your guests will have lots of water or alcoholic options, and that their suitable wine glass will by no means go empty.

Entree will probably be discreetly cleared as soon as all guests are completed consuming, and primary program will adhere to. As you appreciate your subtly spiced Mediterranean rack of lamb with three various sides, your chef has restored your kitchen to brand new, which includes washing scrubbing all gear and bench tops. Hopefully, as component from the home catering expertise, it is cleaner than whenever you moved in.

And because the cheese flows, the cellar trips turn out to be much more frequent, as well as your coffee machine in full swing, take a minute to remind your self that the food is becoming served at your dinner table, the wines are courtesy of one's choice, the wait employees are polishing your cutlery, as well as your guests have just had among the most enjoyable experiences of their lives. Due to you.

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