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Boardroom & Corporate Catering- Formal 

Our corporate catering philosophy is pretty simple. Delicious, modern and original food, tailored to the corporate (or even site specific) niche. 

A seated meal is perfect in the case of a formal lunch, reporting lunch, or something special outside of the office. Our menus include a varied selection of proteins, sides and accompaniments to ensure excellent variety and interest to daily or weekly clients, whilst showcasing the city's seasons and premium produce.

Formal Dining, Seated Menu 
Dukkah Crust Whiting | Kifler |Confit Olives | Tomato Ragout | Basil Oil
Seared Sesame Tuna | Sushi Rice | Pickled Seaweed | Nori Crisps | Horseradish Aioli | Ginger
Oxtail Pithivier | Creamed Corn | Snow Pea | Black Garlic | Red Grape | Jus
Caramelised Shallot Tatin | Goats Curd Ball | Micro Herbs | Sherry Vinegar Glaze
Pan Roasted John Dory | Saffron Pearls | Target Beets | Spilt Peas | Nasturtium | Citrus Butter
Roasted Lamb Rump | Rosemary Spaetzle | Charred Onion | Baby Purple Carrot | Pea | Mint Gastrique
Roast Duck Fillet | Baby Bok Choy | Smoked Baby Corn | Pickled Daikon | Ginger Glaze
Crispy Skin Baby Snapper | Beetroot Pearl Couscous | Green Shallots | Braised Radish | Parsley Sauce

Coconut Panna Cotta | Caramelied Mango | Floss
Banana Pudding | Salted Caramel | Passionfruit Ice Cream
Chocolate Marquise | Almond Praline | Sticky Cherries
Local Soft Skin and Firm Cheese with Summer Fruit & Berries, Lavosh and Nuts


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