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How many sandwich lunches have you hosted or attended? Same old fillings and combos? Our sandwiches are made with a special twist, so for hosts needing the boardroom staple 4-5 days per week, they're still looking forward to lunch at the end of the week...

Sandwich Samples:
Roast Chicken | Avocado | Bacon | Rocket
Curried Egg | Mayonnaise | Iceberg Lettuce
Roast Beef | Swiss Cheese | Tomato | Horseradish
Tuna Aioli | Cucumber | Carrot | Mixed Leaves
Gypse Ham Piccalilil Spread | Cheddar | Salad
Falafel | Cherry Tomato | Parsley | Sour Cream
Fillet O Fish | Lettuce | Dill Pickle | Tartar Sauce
Banh Mi | Pulled Pork | Cucumber | Pickled Carrot | Coriander


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