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Open letter to non-TSR clients...

- Friday, December 20, 2013
The pre-Christmas Friday. Generic emails from the CEO, managing partner, the ladies now on maternity leave. Those retiring, those just starting. "Refresh, rest, recharge, and see you in 2014 for another killer year!" Is it time to drink yet?

Then there's the hampers from the clients. And suppliers. And more emails. Seriously, is it time to drink yet??

We can tell you two things. One, TSR's clients have been thanked. Not just today, but on every occasion that to us they allocate their valuable time and business. And each in their own way- whether a handshake in the kitchen, or over dinner 2 weeks ago, they know their value to our business, and how much we enjoy servicing their's, no matter how large, small, daily, or inconsistent.

Two, we will not rest. We will reflect, re-energise and plan. No rest, because we don't want to rest until your business is enjoying our hospitality and corporate service. Until your goals are aligned with ours in providing Australia's premier boardroom catering package to your clients, partners and staff.

We'll spend your time off thinking of ways to show how we can improve on your current service. You may wish to align with a more sustainable supplier? We have no bricks and mortar, or printers. Our footprint is what we leave in your elevator. You may want a menu with no 2 dishes the same? Or an exclusive menu for your site? We source from small local meat, seafood and produce suppliers and markets- you may wish to do the same. As business owners, we're suited up with our waiters daily, teaching and encouraging the next crop of boardroom specialists, whilst still learning a thing or 2 ourselves.

Yes, it's time to drink. It's time to celebrate, have the rest, have the family time, and reward yourselves for a great year. And when you come back to work in Jan or Feb, looking for ways to re-invigorate your business as you have re-invigorated yourself, you know where to find the solution that can not rest, until your hospitality service is the best it can be.

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