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Hire Wait Staff- Tips for a smooth event...

- Sunday, December 02, 2012

After a successful A-Z summary this week looking at the advantages of wait staff hire we decided to offer a few tips for your home event. Happy planning!

Arriving: signs on the front door are great! "Party time out back". Saves the dog barking at the doorbell 150 times too the poor yappa.

Billiard table: these were a focal point 10 years ago, now not much more than a coffee table, that's very hard to wipe. Cover it and move away if possible.

Catering: check our options... Hiring wait staff that can heat, prepare and serve your food options is a good idea.

Drink: different things. Experiment with different beers, wines and mixers. Cocktails, punch, be creative. Tip: daquiri machines are crap. Tip 2: Belgian Beer or Octoberfest makes a great party theme.
Have as much or as little booze for your guests as you like, but specify if BYO on invites. A water station is most underrated.

Eat: see link above. Make sure everyone has access to food.

Facebook: don't make your event public, unless you want scenes at your house to rival Metallica playing in South America.

Gatecrashers: highly recommended to inform the police of your event these days.

Hosts: you should relax and enjoy the event.

Ice: get heaps, then double it. If you're making cocktails or mixing drinks, triple it.

Jumping castle: go on, way more fun than wasting money on frozen cocktails, expensive wines, dress ups or djs.

Kitchen: off limits to guests. Set a coffee station somewhere if you like, and a bar for drinks.

Lighting: dim dim dim. Bamboo torches go out with the next hard rubbish collection please.

Music: iPods are great, until your maggoted friend lines up a list of slipknot and pantera, or your sister's friends play "I got a feeling" on repeat. Play through iTunes and lock the computer!

Neighbours: invite them or warn them.

Ornaments: AWAY! Anything you want toi find in tact the next day to be hidden.

Photo Booths: expensive, huge, and not worth the trouble in our experience. Your friends have cameras.

Queen's high tea: not a bad theme for the ladies...

Rubbish: you can't have enough bins really. Encourage people to throw away empties as they go. Have lots of ashtrays in smoking areas, and not TOO many napkins around.

Service trays/ Platters: possibly the only time your engagement presents will come in handy! Cover them with linen napkins and you're away.

Themes: best we've seen lately is "I can't believe you wore that to my party."

Underwater: plan B in case of bad weather is essential. Your carpet can be ruined, people are crowded in places you don't want them (bedrooms and white couches), and gardens trashed. Just have a think.

Verandah: like ad says, it really is un-Australian to host a party without them. Perfect cover for plan B (above).

Waiters: yeah yeah it's our business, but professional wait staff for hire make everything so easy! You'll love it, and you'll never do an event without us again!

Website: cheap and easy to set up for special occasions. Upload pics and info and it's a keepsake for as long as the internet is around (a while) ie.

Xbox: when used correctly, a major party enhancer. Offer a prize at the end of a singing/quiz/guitar hero tournament.

Yellow: worst theme we've seen for while. In fact, any colour. Boring!

Zen: your feeling of no stress, pure relaxation and enjoyment thanks to our tips. Happy partying!

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