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Guest Post: How to Find a Hospitality Job in Australia

- Friday, February 07, 2014

For people from abroad, finding a way to earn a little income while seeing the continent of Australia means locating a job. Within the hospitality industry, there are many positions which are appropriate for temporary workers. Choosing part time work means that the hours are variable so that you can probably work as much or as little as you choose. Working in a hospitality job is a great way to learn about a particular part of the country. Here are some tips you need to know about working in Australian hospitality positions.

Although there are many types of work available in Australia, within the hospitality industry, approximately one of every eight people find work. People work as bartenders and bar workers. People are needed to prepare food and serve it in restaurants and cafes. There are wait staff needed for celebratory events and corporate catering functions, including within a boardroom or conference room. Chefs at various levels, including head chefs, chefs de partie and sous chefs are found in operating kitchens of all sizes. Baristas work in coffee houses and sommeliers are able to find work in fine dining establishments. Other hospitality related jobs include customer service, valets, concierge and butlers.

The pay for this type of work is generally good. Tips are not as common as in other parts of the world, but are becoming more acceptable. The usual rate is ten percent. Three types of pay are found. Casual work, permanent part time, and full-time salary pay rates. For the casual worker, the first category generally offers the best reimbursement rates. Some employers of permanent part-time and full time employees provide generous benefit packages.

Jobs are found in locations throughout the country. The best paying jobs are in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, either with waiter hire agencies or similar temporary wait staff hire services. There are also many positions available in Queensland, from Cairns to the Gold Coast. There are also a few jobs at resort locations such as on the islands. These jobs are open almost year around. There are employment peaks around major sporting events in all areas of the country.

There are some regulations involved with working in Australia. If you plan to work in a bar, you will need a training course for serving alcohol. In many of the states, this certificate can be obtained online, which means you can obtain the registration before leaving home. You will need the appropriate visas. In some states, you need to register to work in casinos or where gambling occurs.

Finding the jobs is probably best by working through an agency. You can apply after your arrival through one of the many agencies. Online access is available for most today. You will need to maintain your correct status where the visa is concerned.

Working in the hospitality industry in Australia can be an easy way to earn your keep and extend your stay beyond a tourist status. The work is pleasant and requires little experience for the casual worker. It's a way to learn more about the country while covering your day-to-day expenses.

Natasha, from Singapore, joined us in 2013, and is very passionate about helping fellow international casual and professional hospitality staff find quality work and conditions on which to stamp their skills.   

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