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Cutting to the Point

- Thursday, August 08, 2013

Sandwiches. Points of sandwiches. Can't go wrong with them, can't run a corporate catering business without them. But imagine hosting 4-5 lunches per week, even with rotating daily ingredients, isn't it time to step up the traditional sandwich lunch from 'default' to something better?

Below are a couple of ideas we've developed with corporate clients, aimed at showing people that a sandwich doesn't have to be the cheapest or easiest menu for their less formal internal or client lunches. 

1. Asia

Taking inspiration from Australia's love of Asian street food, soups and sushi, we're now offering clients choices such as noodle boxes, pho and bento boxes, within the relative budget allowances of a typical sandwich lunch. Even a basic hokkien  noodle with fresh greens and a simple sauce is being received with far more excitement than an Asian twist on a sandwich or wrap.

Though Winter is coming to a close, a hot serve of pho full of poached chicken, rice noodle, mint and coriander is a much better way to enjoy your lunch meeting- just remove the tie to be safe...

2. Buffet

With a little more of a Western twist, why not try a buffet including a protein choice, with 2 or 3 varied salads? Lamb cutlets, Tasmanian Salmon fillets and roasted Chicken may feature as the hearty element of the buffet, with a combination of healthy and luxurious salads ranging from green beans with chili, beetroot and feta, to a creamy quail egg and baby potato featuring on our current menus.

So the next time your corporate catering or event planners sydney needs require a change-up, give us a call!

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