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Corporate Catering- Introduction to Event Planning and Operations

- Wednesday, February 05, 2014
Setting up a successful corporate catering or finger food catering event is not a simple task. If you are involved in the hospitality industry, or new to a role in planning or booking corporate events, you know that a large event requires a level of planning that is only possible when there is a skilled and experienced staff in charge of the operations. Every detail of the event is planned and implemented from decorations to clean up. Coordinating all of the elements requires experience, connections with service providers and some creativity as well.

A corporate catering event may be part of various occasions. These include holidays, both public and private. The event may be a corporate gathering for training or rewards such as sales performance. When a company has an event to celebrate a successful year of business, hiring a corporate caterer to handle all the operational details ensures that it will go smoothly. 

The size of the event doesn't matter, in one sense. Corporate caterers can as easily arrange an event for a dozen dinner guests as for a gathering of 40,000 people. The level of planning varies somewhat, but the principles are the same. People who come to an event want attractively prepared and presented food, seating, facilities for sanitation and equipment such as sound systems available. In addition, there must be staff to do the food preparation, serving and cleanup. 

Because of the talents and skills of the catering staff, menus can be exciting as well as easy to prepare. Certain types of meals are more popular with large groups, but they are not the only options. Even large groups can be fed innovative and well-prepared dishes in an efficient manner. 

Choosing a theme for the event is often a first step in the process. The theme may be limited by the location, but everything else ties into the theme. Coming up with ideas for a theme requires creativity. In addition, the corporate caterer must stay within a budget. The food, decorations and even the entertainment will all relate to the selected theme. 

Arranging for an adequate number of people to do the food preparation, cooking and serving of food. Trained waitstaff are desired when there are many people to be served. The more casual jobs such as setting up tables and cleaning up after the meal doesn't require the same type of skills, but does require efficiency and a recognition of the characteristics of the job. 

Events can take place indoors or outdoors. Each of the locations has its own challenges and limitations.  Weather related challenges can be a problem outdoors. Indoors, there may issues with noise levels, space and temperature control. If the guest list is limited, there is usually a need for service personnel such as security officers. 

Hiring an individual or firm to handle corporate catering and event operations ensures that the entire program will proceed in a well-planned and organized manner. A host of details go into planning of a successful event. It is best to obtain the services of a knowledgeable and experienced planner to handle the organizational details for the event.

If you require any corporate catering in Melbourne or Sydney, be sure to contact us today. 

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