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What’s the magic word?

- Monday, February 21, 2011

I’ve been asked to write a bit about manners and etiquette before, and I’m yet to pen my my thoughts on a subject that is a big part of my business. I have been inspired finally after crossing paths with a few school kids in the last few weeks, to the point where we just have to ask the question, where are peoples manners these days??


Don’t get me wrong. Yes, hospitality is my business, my life, and tolerating people’s bluntness and occasional rudeness comes with the territory. Doesn’t phase me, and never will, at all on the job. I’m looking at the bigger picture, and what on earth society will be like in a few generations time.


I guess given our business and up-bringing that bad manners stand out to me like a sore thumb, but people just seem to be getting less and less decent! People who work in customer service for a living can hardly look you in the eye, people in the street and in bars act like they’re the only ones there, and people on the road- well, another topic, yet again underlined by the same garbage attitude towards each other.


Kids don’t say please or thank you. Ever. They demand things, and get them. School students storm a train like they’re taking to a rugby field, and proceed to carry out the match (although with an invisible ball it seems) up and down each carriage. People working for large corporations, ie Telstra, banks, supermarkets, etc seem to think any enquiry to the Customer ‘Service’ department is a direct attack on them personally, and nothing is resolved.


There needs to be a monumental, fundamental shift in society in regards to the way people treat and respect each other’s space and possessions. Everyone needs to take a step back, and have a good, hard look at themselves in the mirror. Say please, thank you, and use people’s names when talking to them. Encourage your kids and families to do the same. Then encourage your friends. Then we’ll take it further…

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