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Wedding Caterers | Taste the Best- Suggested Dining Format for Wedding

- Monday, December 10, 2012

Shall we assume that you're getting married, or know someone who is? Shall we, the wedding caterers, assume that you want your guests to eat food? Further, let's assume that you want your guests to eat fresh, modern food that won't make them feel like a nap at 10pm? The best way to eat at a wedding is with a 'petite' philosophy. It can still be gorge-fest for any guest wanting that button-popping feeling, but smaller portions of a wider range of foods allows guests to enjoy what suits them, in the quantity that suits them.

For example, a great way to start a wedding banquet is with a 'roving' entree. Your guests are mingling in a garden or scenic park while you're having photos taken. Sipping champagne and toasting the ceremony they witnessed less than half an hour ago, guests are free to roam and speak with whoever they like, at their own pace. Nibbles of fresh oysters, spring lamb, sticky pork and crispy duck are circulating, meaning guests can eat as much or as little as they like, and taste a range of foods away from the traditional '50-50' entree that may be served seated.

To follow, upon taking their seats and applauding the bride and groom to their first dance or seated position, guests may enjoy (in a lieu of the 'beef or chicken') share plates, designed to be picked at and savoured. Wedding caterers ensure the variety is vast and the portions are generous, but again, guests are free to enjoy as much or as little as they feel like. The food is left a little longer than a main course, meaning your family and friends can mingle, dance, or eat, without the pressure of clearing a plate. Dishes from Vietnamese green mango salad, to Parisian eye-fillet are presented ready to serve in the middle of the table, creating a real 'banquet' feel of celebration and atmosphere.

Following on from our relaxed theme, dessert has even more freedom. Perhaps a wedding cake of individual puddings that can be served once the cake is cut? Or platters of sweet treats roamed across the dance floor? A tray of petite fours on the table for guests to enjoy with an espresso or digestive tea?

What is important to remember, is that your wedding caterers work FOR YOU. Don't be dictated by restrictions they may claim on your ideas- anything should be able to be worked out. Listen to their advice, ask questions, but work together to create the perfect menu, sitting and format for your special day.

Guest Post from Catering Melbourne 

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