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Top ten food experiences- 2010

- Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Top Food Experiences- 2010...

Courtesy of our Twitter feed, below is a summary of our top food experiences of the year. Be sure to follow us, and here on Facebook, for future experiences and stories. Enjoy!

10. Malaysian Satay & Claypots in KL's Chinatown. A feast of chicken, rice, who-knows-what spices and tricks, all washed down with a 700ml Tiger. Each.

9. The amazing vegetarian food (and setting!) at the Sanctuary, Koh Phangan, Thailand. Check out the sample menu…

8. Very first Pho in HCMC. Sides of fresh chilli, mint, shoots & greens, submerged in enigmatic broth, best enjoyed crouched on footpath. 333 Beer to accompany.

7. Quiche Lorraine, 10am Sunday morning in Paris. Hungover. Enough said.

6. Overpriced Paella amongst the street theater, La Rumbla, Barcelona, side by side a stein of the local’s finest (is there a theme developing here??)

5. Salty lamb, french fries, tomato and tzatziki wrapped into finger-soaking gyros of love- Fira at Sunset, Santorini. Had them for lunch and dinner in one day! (Mythos beer if you’re wondering)

4. Chocolate, Beer (chimay blue), Waffles and Fries... YES EVERYTHING YOU'VE HEARD IS TRUE!! Brussels during Champion League Finals...

3. Pizza in Rome. Cliché, yes, but after a flight from Spain, a train from the airport, and an hour walk looking for our hotel, this underground gem just reminded us what Italy, it’s food, and it’s hospitality is all about. Artichoke and pancetta with 1L of the ‘house’ wine. What journey??

2. Courtesy of a very good friend keen to introduce us to some serious Swiss tradition, we are treated to a ‘delicacy’ of picked herring. Whilst bearable, the Aquavit served alongside the feast is where the real pleasure lies! About as much fun as the hangover from drinking Absolut citrus & Champagne the night before.

1. After a 3 hour trek out of Regensburg, about 2 hours north east of Munich, we arrive at the Danube river bank over-looking an old monastery. The former inhabitants were able to drink beer during fasts, and what remains today is a courtyard surrounded by breweries, restaurants and shops. Schweinehaxe, or pork shank, is served among a variety of Bavarian dishes, and the beer is to die for. Unbelievable, unforgettable.

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