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The Stimulated Waiter is the Happiest Waiter

- Thursday, May 05, 2011

Often our staff are asked if they enjoy their job. Melbourne's clients are impressed with their vibrancy, enthusiasm and wide range of skills. These qualities are easy to foster in the waiter for hire business because our waiters are subjected to very wide variety conditions. Every private event is different, every private home is different, and every client has a different set of expectations that must be exceeded. This environment, as opposed to restaurant or hotel, presents different challenges for our waitstaff every day.

I think the happiness and job satisfaction for our waiters comes mainly from 2 points- a stimulating environment, and being good at what they do.

By 'stimulating environment' I mean a new environment every time. The quirks and sections of an establishment can be fallen in love with for sure, but the opposite is more exciting. In every private event we see people in their own homes, with their own families, enjoying themselves on their terms. No hotel policies, offensive patrons, and no restaurant complaints to complicate the evening. We see different cuisines, kitchens, living areas and bars. Different cellars, outdoor areas and even artworks! Our waiters are stimulated by the fact that they must take a certain ownership of their new surrounds, yet deliver the same skill set night after night.

My second point, highlighting the fact that our waiters for hire are great at what they do, can be summed up with one phrase. "You're good at what you love, and you love what you're good at." The main performance indicator that our staff are doing their job properly is client satisfaction- something we are fortunate enough to see with every job. Our staff take great pride in what they do, love to entertain, and love to be loved!

The next time you're out make sure you check the faces of your waiters and bartenders, then be sure to call us for your next private event. The difference will stagger you.

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