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The Master(chef) Returns

- Friday, April 29, 2011

What makes Masterchef Australia so good??

During the first season, my wife and I were excluded from the fun and games of this revolutionary show due to overseas travel. Great followers of the UK series, we were shattered at the time to see teasers for Masterchef Australia, including the premiere that was to air 3 days after we departed for SE Asia. No MC Australia there...

After catching up on series one through a few repeats in WA, we thoroughly jumped feet first in to series 2, and like the rest of Australia, loved it. As hospitality professionals and keen experimental cooks, my wife and I could probably not have scripted a better show to fall in love with. But whilst the appeal to industry pros is obvious, we have Masterchef to thank for introducing a huge number of people to the workings of our industry, and the lengths our skilled professionals will go to acheive perfection.

How lucky is the Australian public, and us as an industry, to be able to watch world leading chefs such as Heston and Maggie deconstructing signature dishes, and actually showing everyday contestants not only their cullinary secrets, but how they achieve success. It's not like Bill Gates is going to televise a spanking new code he has written, or that Mick Malthouse will air a live special as he dissects his 10 year coaching plan at the Collingwood Football Club. Viewers are literally inside the genius' heads, watching and learning the skills and tips learnt through thousands upon thousands hours of experimentation.

Masterchef also challenges our industry through educating an increasingly discerning, and hungry, public. By encouraging people to seek new experiences and different flavours, fresher and unique dining experiences are much more common than 5 years ago. The public has a better understanding of where food comes from, how it is treated, and how it should be cooked. I think this can only make our industry stronger as a whole, as we strive to exceed these rising expectations. I think it also encourages people to go to restaurants more often, leading to new and lucrative opportunities for the Australian Hospitality Industry.

It's also very rewarding to see such talented, hard working career chefs that feature on the show gaining the recognition they thoroughly deserve. If Masterchef is sending more people to experience their food, in their restaurants, then that is fantastic.

Can't wait for series 3- The original and best is back!

Paul is co founder of TSR Corporate Services- providing quality boardroom and private waiters for hire all over Melbourne. Click for more about our boutique Hospitality Agency.

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