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So Sweet a Resort

- Saturday, December 08, 2012

Resorts have an aura of their own. Guests feel like royalty, and for the time they spend relaxing on their vacation, their normal lives don't seem to matter. It's an escape from reality. It may be an expensive escape from reality, but the majority of resort guests are happy to spend the money, just as long their high expectations are met. So what makes that experience so tantalising??

Surely, it all begins with the plane trip. The annual leave has kicked in (ideally on a weekday when you should be at work), and what's the first thing you do as you take off for your paradise? Turn off that bloody phone. No interruptions, no calls, no emails. Just you, perhaps the wife and family, and at least three cold bourbons before touchdown.

It's hard to know where to start once you've checked out the room and unpacked. Drink on the balcony? Dip in the pool? Dinner reservation? In house movie? The beauty of a resort is that everything is there for you. I think ideally, the main idea of a resort is to never have to leave! Make it home for as long as you have, and unless you're on the beach, just sit back and enjoy. Use all the features: have a massage, eat in the restaurants, book the tennis court, and chat with the staff about anything you may of missed. If the resort and it's people is being managed properly, the staff will only be too happy to talk up features and tips that other guests may miss.

For me, the enigmatic nature of a great resort is born in the morning, or more specifically, at the breakfast buffet. It's suited to all guests- early risers, hungover risers and hungry kids! Once the sun breaking through your window wakes you (and not the 6.30am alarm for once), the stumble down to breakfast on the first morning of your stay is filled with anticipation, and the comforting feeling that the holiday is just beginning... Pile those plates, eat everything you usually wouldn't (yes, even the yoghurt and fruit), order an espresso coffee and just think how good this day, and the following ones, are going to be.

You must agree that behind breakfast, the quintessential "i'm on holidays and loving it" moment is the drink by the pool. The cocktail might cost you $20, and you might not get much change from the ten for a cold beer, but who cares?? Seriously, who cares? This is the height of relaxation- and it's only 1pm! Savor that moment, then order another. When leaving your room, all you need is a book, towel, sunscreen and key. Leave everything else.

What happens in between and following an afternoon of sunning and swimming is up to you. I would try each different restaurant and outlet in the resort for dinner, and charge it to the room. Ahhhh, that's like a free dinner! (You know the feeling I'm describing). Treat yourself and partner to great bottle of wine. Eat the local seafood. Scoff a dessert. Find a local pub and watch the footy. Walk along the beach and crash a backpacker's bonfire. Crank the aircon and raid the mini bar. And do it all week! (In the case of our review, the occupation of a hire waiter Melbourne, Winter is a perfect time to get away.)

They drain the wallet and burn the skin, but a resort holiday is a unique experience I can't personally get enough of. Whether you do it every year, or every ten, make the most of your resort, its staff and its features, and keep reminding yourself how wonderful life is. If something isn't living up to your expectations, politely explain the situation to a senior member of staff, and work out a solution. Don't forget they want to you to come back, and to tell all your friends back at work (oh jeez, back to work...) how wonderful their accomodation is. Make the most of your time, and have the time of your life!

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