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Skills of the hire waiter Melbourne | Hire Waiter, TSR Corporate

- Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Skills of the hire waiter Melbourne...

A well rounded bunch are the hire waiter Melbourne crew. Representing TSR corporate, their skills are developed over many years in different environments. Because the hospitality industry generally turns staff over (particularly those of a younger age) in all venues and operations, a career waiter sees the best and worse practices in a number of establishments and private events.

For the good ones, these waiters develop their own skills by identifying the quality training and operating practices, and ignoring the not so common sense ones.

The TSR hire waiters of Melbourne have been through the cycle, and have demonstrated solid skills and good nous in event management. Their basic, hands-on skills, can be divided in to the following 4 categories:


Floor skills for the hire waiters are probably the most important. These are the skills that allow a waiter to see things that lead to the anticipation of a guest's needs (for example, a near-empty beverage), and that keep an event clean and safe.

A 3 plate carry is a no-brainer, but a 4 plate may be necessary to get the job done. When clearing finished plates, a minimum of 5 should be the base skill set.

Floor skills also allow the hire waiters to set the perfect table- a starchy cloth, polished cutlery, sparkling glass wear, and a table dressing (flowers or ornamental) as required. Ask a few waiters and this is actually their 'zen'- an empty room and 2 hours to set it.

One more point on the floor section: it's the reason their calves are nicely shaped. Good exercise.


Behind the bar there may be a little more education involved when it comes to wine, beer and cocktail knowledge, however the basic skill sets will see most professional through a seamless shift.

Carrying a full tray of glasses is an underrated, yet essential skill to have. As is opening a wine bottle correctly, mixing a martini, or preparing garnishes.

Understanding which glasswear accepts which beverage comes with experience, and most hire waiters get some strange buzz from a set of expensive wine or port glasses. Care needs to be taken when polishing champagne and other fine glasswear, as a rough polishing cloth may break a hot glass.

Kitchen and Cleanliness

No professional waiter will refuse to do dishes or polish table wear. If they do, I would say that is mist unprofessional.

A decent waiter will take pride in their cleanliness, much like a chef who 'cleans down' as they work. Spraying, washing and tidying is very much part of the role, and the Melbourne waiters have a keen eye for detail. Always happy to run a few dishes through...

The skill in spying an incomplete dish or finger marks on a plate about to leave the kitchen is a valuable one to have.

In addition to the above, there is one skill that can't be taught when it comes to the Front of Service Industry: Common Sense. You either have it, or you don't. Thanks for reading.

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