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Hiring Wait Staff Melbourne- The Easy Way...

- Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Recruiting for any position, let alone for a role in a high-turnover industry, can be a nightmare. Speak to any restaurant manager, site manager, catering manager or agency HR rep and they'll tell you how difficult it can be.

Advertising on Seek, Career 1, or Gumtree is a pretty good way to generate resumes. Screening these resumes is unavoidable, and I will admit that Seek hasn't been a bad hunting ground over the years. Gumtree is good for a quick-fix if you need some backpackers/students/etc that are desperate for work. (Not our cup of tea). Once you have collated a reasonable selection of resumes, it's time to start scheduling interviews!

The Hard Way

Setting aside half a day, or more, to interview staff is a waste of time when looking for boardroom waiters. You can learn nothing about someone's ability, confidence or grooming skills by sharing a coffee. Sure, you can get a feel for their experience and communication skills, but a follow-up interview or trial will certainly be required. 

So, having spent hours interviewing, reference checking and scheduling trials, you have clients to look after while 'hiding' your potential new acquisition, ready to be baby-sat through their trial shift. What if they can't carry plates but said they could? What if they wear a grubby shirt when they said it would be pristine? What if they drop glasses, spill wine, or generally don't cope??

The Easy Way

Let's go back to our pile of screened resumes. Forget the wasted interviews and risky trials. The way we screen potential hire wait staff Melbourne is this:

  • schedule groups of 3-4 staff for an interview in our training boardroom
  • request that they wear our standard boardroom uniform to their interview for us to assess
  • after a brief introduction and 2 minute one-on-one chats, run a mock 15 minute lunch service with empty glasswear, dry plates and all table cutlery and settings
  • asses basic skill set, and identify needs for improvement/moulding in each waiter
  • arrange a paid trial at an appropriate site, with an appropriate supervisor or,
  • thank the candidate for their time and suggest areas for improvement
  • reference check as a final screen
We find this method to be most effective, as it allows our recruitment process to be efficient and productive. We find the time spent with staff in the beginning creates a culture of trusting and reliable wait staff, and proves to them that we know what we're doing also. It works!

For more tips related to hire wait staff Melbourne, you can visit our Melbourne wait staff homepage by following the link. Thanks for reading!

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