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Catering Staff Hire Melbourne- Lending a Hand

- Thursday, December 27, 2012

Catering staff hire, a bit different to wait staff hire, is usually a task requiring a food-savvy waiter or kitchen hand to assist with heating canapes, plating dishes, assisting a senior chef or cook with basic tasks, or serving guests from a buffet or station, such as a BBQ or breakfast buffet.

It requires a bit of a hospitality 'all-rounder'- someone capable of interacting with guests, but at the same time able to undertake most kitchen duties as required by a line cook or mid-level chef. No menu planning or serious techniques, but catering staff for hire may be required to prepare meat or vegetables, cook a BBQ or grill, plate canapes after heating, and probably assist with event tidiness and kitchen cleaning.

They will also be expected to handle normal wait staff hire duties, ensuring guests are enjoying themselves, and that food and beverages items are being circulated properly. But where to find them?! It is definitely a word of mouth position, and if your business is able to source such useful and versatile staff, they are worth paying well and treating well. They can get you out of many sticky situations, cover for a chef or a bartender, and probably have the experience or skills to supervise an event, or at the least, be a key link between front and back of house because of their varied experience.

If you have further questions regarding catering staff hire, or wish to hire catering staff Melbourne please follow our links or simply click contact us above. We'd love to hear from you!

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