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Bar Staff | Bartenders Melbourne- Hire Bartenders & Bar Staff

- Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bar staff for hire, or bartenders for hire Melbourne, are sure to make any private event a success in terms of serving beverages, mixing cocktails, and operating a bar. Bar staff are able to ensure your guests receive a proper mixed drink, keep a well stocked bar and back of house area, and also hold the key to any successful event: the eyes on the grog! They can tell the host if they're running low on anything, and being hire bartenders, can drive to the bottle shop for any 'emergency' run.

The difference in our Melbourne bartenders for hire is that they are well rounded, mulit-skilled hospitality professionals. Bar staff that prepare a bar service area, manage cleaning and glass/bottle collection, as well as bang out the odd Mojito or crowd-pleasing Long Island Iced Tea.

Bar staff that will ensure your beverages are chilled properly, that the bar is clean, and that your guests are cared for. No point having all the bells and whistles when it takes 10 minutes to make one drink. Right? So many bar staff or bartender hire providers miss that key point: they're not working the bar they used to work in. You need bar staff with zero attitude, and 100% focus. Bartenders that respect your wishes, requests, and don't intimidate with their 'old habits' and ways of doing things 'properly'. Come on down... Melbourne bartender hire... 

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