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7 Tips to Improve Boardroom Service

- Thursday, November 21, 2013
1. Invest in Nespresso. 
An investment in a better coffee, substituting any type of filter/plunger coffee. Less labour to set up than a coffee station, especially in larger numbers, and less to pack away. Quality remains consistent, where other vessels may drop in temperature and quality after a mere 10 minutes. Stock with Bio paper cups for an internal/less formal meeting/training session.

*Tip: leave your machine/s on trestle tables or permanent trolleys if you have the storage. Wheel wherever is required an keep fully stocked for instant set-ups.

2. Ice the iced water.
Not rocket science right? Too often still water in jugs is straight from the tap, where in Sydney especially is probably 6-10 degrees. Clients/guests notice a frosty glass when poured.

3. Stock up.
Bite the bullet, and have enough of everything! Cutlery/crockery/plates. If there are different sets for formal/internal/staff floors etc, have enough and keep them separated. Donate the remnants of old settings to staff kitchens or the Salvos.

4. Pay less for agency staff, and tell your full timers. 
Why wouldn't senior permanent staff be frustrated by your company paying an agency twice their wage for a couple of stop-gap waiters, with half their experience? Ease the tension and balance up with the same quality, at a significantly lower rate.

5. Communicate.
Work on hand-over and briefing procedures. Something can always be improved. Inadvertently boost morale and break down kitchen/floor/AV/IT/shared services divides.

6. Keep improving the coffee.
Now that the plungers are history (thanks point #1), offer formal events, breakfasts, morning/afternoon teas and sandwich lunches espresso coffee. Many people will still refuse anyway, but importantly the one's that accept won't forget. More importantly, your table is free from pre-set tea and coffee cups, as every boardroom in 2013 should be.

7. Bubbles.
For the budget-relaxed, a carbonated zip tap is a great labour saving tool. Reduces bottle waste, fridge space and weekly ordering of sparkling water. Just wish we invented it...  

What's your tip to add a little polish or efficiency to your operations? Tell us by tweeting @TSRHospitality or email and we'll add it to our list, with a full credit of course! Thanks for reading.
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