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BUSINESS SYNOPSIS | TSR Corporate Services

TSR Corporate Services is a boutique boardroom service agency, specialising purely in high-end casual staffing, catering and event management.

TSR is a partnership between Paul Fielding and Jason Stemmer. Both are hands-on operators skilled in silver service and corporate dining, staff training and development, and business administration.

TSR's casual base is a rotating pool of 20- 30 professional waiters in Australia's capital cities, depending on the season. TSR is currently actively recruiting.

We employ an executive chef and complimentary kitchen brigade, as well as event co-ordinators and directors.


Having worked previously in corporate and a la carte dining, including Macquarie Group, BT Financial and Commonwealth Golf Club, Paul and Jason spied a lack of skilled temporary labour in the market, and decided to do something about it.

Now operating  for 4 years, TSR Corporate Services boasts a staffing and catering portfolio including investment banks, accounting, finance and law firms- some with exclusivity to staffing, others in a complimentary capacity.

Point of difference

TSR's only focus is high-end boardroom hospitality. Waiters are not available to clients unless they meet strict standards in presentation, experience, manner and skills.
TSR's focus is to be as close to invisible as possible as service providers, committed to a seamless, faultless event no matter the size or environment.
It is because of this pursuit in service delivery, TSR is able to attract, develop, and retain professional, career hospitality professionals, ensuring long term consistency for our clients. 
TSR is not focused on recruitment or placement solutions. The growth and development of the team is the core business focus, ensuring name requests from specific sites are met, and niche teams are encouraged.

Staffing Services

Temporary and casual boardroom attendants and formal waiters 
Recruitment, development and training of newly recruited and existing staff
Outsourcing of labour, working with individual client to reduce workload and financial stress associated with Front of House labour


TSR uses an exclusive, fully operational boardroom training facility in both Sydney and Melbourne. Potential candidates are screened via a 'black and white' interview, meaning candidates are dressed in full formal uniform and display their skills before being offered a trial under a professional waiter.
This facility is also used to develop existing waiters and skills. 

Site Focus

Where possible TSR enjoy close relationships with Site Managers and Catering Managers to ensure specific service needs and quirks are met. Paul and Jason are hands-on experienced at every TSR site.
TSR's partners do not employ admin or HR assistants to handle bookings and staff placement, instead preferring to speak with clients personally. They speak the language of hospitality, and as owners, make all decisions at the time of enquiry.
The money saved in removing booking agents is directly passed on to clients, but the most important point is that communication lines are streamlined and open 24 hours.


Clients enjoy a negotiated hourly rate as standard, with a minimum 4 hour contact. A 48 hour cancellation policy is standard, with 24hrs for premium clients.
Further Services, Client Specific

Event broking and management, formal catering, training, and private waiter hire.



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