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Hospitality Agency Staff

What would you expect from a Hospitality Agency Melbourne or Sydney? Although we see ourselves as a boardroom service provider, we are a hospitality agency by definition. We offer 2 distinct services you may be looking for, and you can always read more specifically about our business here. What can we help with? 

Employee Services

Submitting an employment application is a good way to find temporary or permanent work via a hospitality agency. We screen resumes on an almost daily basis, however our recruitment is often now done via word of mouth. We also prefer to retain employees for a period of at least 12 months, and often people seeking work through a hospitality agency Melbourne or Sydney are looking for short-time roles.

If you are seeking work, and planning to say in one city for at least 6 months, feel free to contact us, and if not, perhaps return to your search... 

Client Services

Importantly for our existing and new clients, we supply experienced wait staff and bartenders for corporate and private events all over the city. We do however operate on a boutique level, so if you require quality over quantity, our service is for you.

We put many hours of experience and training in to our employees, so we do not place permanent waiters or attendants. Our staff are for catering managers or event specialists that need a job done. Properly.

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